I don’t think I’ve ever been to or photographed a wedding that was shorter than ten or twelve hours. A lot of the most timeless moments occur outside of the ceremony and reception. A mother and father seeing their beautiful daughter as a bride for the first time. The sweet stolen glances throughout the day between the newlyweds. Or your adorable niece playing with her dress.

When you’re starting your day at 7am and that’s just when you decide to get ready… if you want me there, I’ll be there. I’ll even be there at 6:45am.

You don’t need to worry about me. I don’t want you to be looking at your watch or me to look at mine. If I’m busy looking at my watch, I’m not busy doing what I’m there to do – create photographs and preserve memories. Will I have a moment to get a photo of you and your best friend from college? What about when grandma wishes for a photo with her grandchildren. Of course I do.

I will be there.

There’s no need to stage moments when you’re doing your makeup or your hair. Nor a need to recut the cake. It’s your wedding day and things will unfold as they unfold, and I will be there.

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